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Introduction to The Money MOTco

The easiest way of describing the unique mix of services provided is to say that I offer a bespoke version of Martin Lewis’ At its most basic level, in return for a flat annual fee, which will always be lower than the achieved cost savings, I help people to switch their gas and electricity to cheaper tariffs, identify cheaper car or home insurance deals and negotiate more competitive phone deals. Although I don’t have a magic wand, I have helped dozens of people to get their household administration and personal finances in order and saved them hundreds of thousands of pounds in the process.

In my experience, people often don’t get round to switching energy providers, partly for fear of having their supply interrupted, but also because it can be a complete minefield when deciding which company to move to. The old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is a widely held and understandable attitude, even though the costs associated with staying with the same energy or phone provider and having insurance policies on automatic renewal can mount up over time.

In addition to organising household budgets, which includes presenting all the relevant information on a user-friendly spreadsheet, I take a ‘holistic’ approach to looking at my clients’ finances. This ranges from helping them to collate information for tax purposes, analysing their share portfolios and making sense of their pension arrangements.

Furthermore, one area in which people often spend unnecessary amounts of money is in relation to legal fees. For example, a solicitor might typically charge £500 plus VAT for drawing up a Lasting Power of Attorney document, in addition to the £110 registration fee, whereas I may be able to help you to save the £600 in legal fees! By the same token, if you are unfortunate enough to be faced with obtaining probate or are going through a divorce, I can potentially help save you many thousands of pounds and a lot of stress.


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The Money MOTco
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