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Save money on your personal finance with The Money MOTco

“The Man on the Clapham Omnibus” 

Bespoke Housekeeping, Budgeting and Administration Services


Are you fed up with being taken for a ride?

Whether you are looking to renew your car or home insurance, find a suitable home for your savings, switch your energy provider or simply to make sense of your telephone bills, The Money MOTco is here to help make your life easier.


Its founder, Andrew Brettell, says : “Although it’s compulsory for cars over three years old to take an MOT test annually, there is no need for private individuals ever to have a ‘financial’ MOT. If there was, then many people would fail it.”


The Money MOTco also offers practical support when it is most needed at a fraction of the cost that you are likely to be charged by other professionals, for example, if you are looking to move house, embark on a building project, make a mortgage application, put your personal finances in order, submit a tax return, get divorced, or need help administering the estate of a deceased person.


Book a free, no-obligation consultation with Andrew and find out what he can do for you.





The Money MOTco
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