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“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.”

Michael Leboeuf


With a business built on personal recommendation and client referrals, it is important to consider how clients feel about their experience of using The Money MOTco’s services; Andrew believes that results speak for themselves. The following client comments are testament to the difference that The Money MOTco’s assistance has made to their lives, and an indication of what it could do to yours:


“I have known Andrew Brettell – as a colleague and a friend – for over 25 years. For 10 of those years we worked together for a large fund management company in the City. He retired several years ago and more recently his focus has been the management of private portfolios, for his own assets and for friends, and along the way he has made a point of getting his and his family’s finances in order. His personality and experience dictated that this exercise was thoroughly researched, and well organised and implemented. He’s very good at the detail and has the patience to pursue and peruse the “deals” and fine print.


A few of his friends – like me – were keen to have a helping hand along the way. Most of us are financially aware but time poor, and Andrew has the wherewithal to ensure that improvements are made, accounts opened (and closed) and the pennies and pounds alike are looked after.

Andrew is thoroughly trustworthy, dependable and able. He has organised my bank and savings accounts to improve returns even while rates are measly, and has suggested a house insurance policy which saves me over £1,000 per annum compared to the previous provider. He also manages an investment portfolio for me which is performing well, and this is arguably his real skill. He’s wise, cynical and hates waste, and he really cares about all of this personal admin that most of us don’t want to tackle. A good person to have on your team. He’s not greedy either so this service is well worth a try.”


EKD – Balham – Full-time IR Director and mother of two teenage children.


“We enjoyed meeting Andrew and hearing how The Money MOTco can help us, both with our investments and saving money on our household finances. We will definitely be following The Money MOTco's suggestions regarding current accounts and will tap into his specialist knowledge where savings accounts and ISAs are concerned when any fixed deposits come up for renewal. Andrew's sensitivity, discretion and humour were much appreciated and we certainly slept a little more easily after our meeting!”


DS & DAS – Chelsea - Semi-retired married couple.



“I must start by saying that Andrew Brettell has the patience of a saint and I would not hesitate to recommend The Money MOTco to anyone who needs help with their household finances and budgeting. His experience as a money manager gave me the confidence to give The Money MOTco a try and I have been delighted with the results. Andrew patiently ran through our household finances, focusing on each individual item of expenditure and managed to identify over £2,000 of cost savings per year. I now feel on top of our monthly outgoings for the first time in years and feel much more in control as a result. He provided me with a detailed spreadsheet, which is easy to update, and will help me keep an eye on our household bills using one document.”


ALM – Dorset - Part-time marketing consultant and mother of three teenage children.


“I have known Andrew for a number of years and his attention to detail and meticulous approach to financial matters, coupled with his extensive knowledge and experience made him a natural choice to assist me in the review of my finances. Andrew highlighted ways in which I could earn a better return on my savings and make cost savings on my household expenditure.

Andrew applies himself to the task whether the amounts involved are great or small. Having a person of Andrew’s calibre review personal finances is an invaluable and worthwhile exercise and one which I would wholeheartedly recommend to even the most financially astute of individuals.”


JR - Surrey - Full-time Head of Finance Operations.


“Having realised that I had not ordered any foreign currency for an imminent holiday to Croatia, I e-mailed The Money MOTco at 8.45am. Three hours later, the required Kuna were delivered to my door. Furthermore, the exchange rate that I received was over 5.5% better than the rate being offered by my bank, namely Barclays, who, incidentally would not have been able to provide the currency until after I had departed! The rate was also 7.5% better than what was on offer at The Post Office, who also did not have any Kuna in stock. While he was here, Andrew saved me almost £500 per annum on my gas and electricity bills and the whole process took less than 20 minutes to complete.

If, like me, you have 101 better things to be doing with your time than fiddle around with utility bills, insurance policies and mobile phone contracts, then you may be interested in taking a close look at what The Money MOTco has to offer.”


KB – Battersea – Full-time Marketing Executive and mother.


“Andrew is a modern-day saint! I contacted The Money MOTco while I was in the process of selling my house and needed someone to help me with all the accompanying paperwork. In addition to helping me to complete the Property Information Form and a Party Wall Agreement, he provided me with a checklist of matters to address when I came to move. He also saved me £350 on my car insurance. He made himself available at the drop of a hat, provided invaluable input at a stressful time and his fees paled into insignificance when compared to those of the solicitors and estate agents. I have no hesitation in recommending his services and wish that I had involved him earlier in the process.”


CR – Notting Hill – Full-time consultant and mother.


“When you lead a busy work and personal life, it’s often hard to allocate sufficient time to focusing on your financial wellbeing. With Andrew to guide you through the process, the task of really getting to grips with the day-to-day minutiae of your household finances and your future income profile, which will be derived from pensions and other investments, becomes less daunting. Not only did Andrew construct a comprehensive spreadsheet showing at a glance all my regular outgoings, but he helped me to review my current pension arrangements, both work and state, and provided me with a clear disposal plan in connection with my company shares. I have a much-improved awareness and understanding of my financial situation as a result, which is tremendously reassuring.”


KAWM – Battersea – Marketing Director for an investment bank


“When I was looking to buy a new car, Andrew analysed carefully my options and summarised them on a spreadsheet, which enabled me to make an informed decision, ultimately resulting in my deciding not to proceed with the transaction. He had previously helped me to source cheaper car insurance, which is not an exercise that I relish. I know that there are price comparison websites out there, and, whilst I don’t want to be bothered with them, I do want to ensure that I am getting a fair deal. The Money MOTco is the perfect solution to all my household finance issues! It is very reassuring having somebody trustworthy and objective to consult, particularly when your focus is elsewhere. The Money MOTco does what it says on the metaphorical tin, not only saving you time and money, but also simplifying your life.”


KF – Hampshire – Full-time Charity Administrator

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