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The Money MOTco

Money Organisation Time


Bespoke Housekeeping, Budgeting and Administration Service


The principal aims of The Money MOTco are to help people to:


  1.  Save Money

  2.  Organise their financial affairs more effectively and

  3.  Save Time


Its founder, Andrew Brettell, says: “Although it’s compulsory for cars over three years old to take an MOT test annually, there is no need for private individuals ever to have a ‘financial’ MOT. If there was, then the pass rate would probably be quite low.”


Are you fed up with being taken for a ride?

Whether you are looking to renew your car or home insurance, find a safe place for your cash deposits, switch energy providers or simply to make sense of your telephone bills, The Money MOTco is able to help make your life easier.


The Money MOTco also offers practical support when it is most needed at a fraction of the cost that you are likely to be charged by other professionals if, for example, you are looking to move house, embark on a building project, make a mortgage application, put your personal finances in order, including having your stock market investments appraised and pension arrangements reviewed, submit a tax return, get divorced, or need help administering the estate of a deceased person or drawing up a Lasting Power of Attorney.

To date, clients have saved on average over £2,500, after fees, in their first year of using The Money MOTco’s services.


No Savings, No Fee…

  • FREE introductory meeting;

  • A flat fee of £1,000* if you decide to use the service, but only once both parties are satisfied that savings and/or benefits of at least £1,000 have been achieved;​


  • An additional charge equating to 20% of any agreed savings and/or benefits over £2,500.​


*N.B. There are no separate commercial arrangements of any kind with service providers​


You will always save more than the cost of the service, which effectively means that it is FREE to use. By looking closely at your spending patterns, service providers, banking arrangements and professional fees, it will soon become apparent whether or not it will be worthwhile taking advantage of the service. The Money MOTco will then produce detailed, personalised spreadsheets, which will simplify your life and show you where you can save, as well as make, money.  ​


The Money MOTco offers complete independence, impartiality, transparency and confidentiality

About the Founder


Andrew has more than 25 years’ experience managing money.

He holds a BA (Honours) degree in Accounting and Finance and is an Associate of the Society of Investment Professionals. As a fund manager, he worked for Mercury Asset Management, which later became Merrill Lynch Investment Managers, from 1987 to 2001 and was a Director on their Global Institutional Team, having previously spent 5 years in the Private Investor Division.

From 2001 to 2004, he ran a pan European hedge fund for ACP Partners LLP. He has lived in Clapham for 26 years.

About the Company


Established in 2013, The Money MOTco name is derived from the term Man On The Clapham Omnibus’, used in legal circles to denote a “reasonable” person, who is regarded as an educated and intelligent, but non-specialist, individual, against whom the conduct of the defendant can be measured.


5% of all revenues will be donated to the National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society (Registered Charity No 272258)




Keeping your household finances in order often feels like a full-time job and most people lack the time, inclination or knowledge to ensure that they are taking advantage of the most competitive deals available.


More often than not, they find it much easier to remain with their existing service providers, rather than go to the trouble of switching. Ensuring that you are receiving the best mortgage rate may save you thousands of pounds a year, yet many people still fail to take any action.


Even switching to the mobile phone tariff most appropriate for your needs can deliver surprisingly high cost-savings; the amounts of money being paid unnecessarily for certain services, such as an obsolete gym membership or insurance for a mobile phone that you don’t use anymore, may appear inconsequential on a month-by-month basis, but over time the sums soon mount up and become meaningful.


There are numerous price comparison websites (PCWs) which aim to make life easier when it comes to choosing the best deals on everything from mortgages and insurance, to energy and broadband prices, but it is important for consumers to understand that not all products are the same and the cheapest product may not always be the most appropriate for their needs.


A report published in July 2014 by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) suggested that some PCWs are failing to meet consumers’ expectations of them and, in some cases, the FCA’s regulatory standards. The FCA’s review found that the websites did not always ensure that consumers were given the appropriate information to help them make informed decisions. “By failing to provide clear information, the websites are increasing the risk that consumers may buy products without understanding key features such as level of cover or excess levels and purely focus on the price”. 

It is not only the expenditure side of the budgeting equation on which you need to keep a wary eye, but the income side as well. Although it is becoming increasingly difficult to find an attractive rate when it comes to bank interest, there is still a big difference between the best and the worst interest-bearing accounts, whether they be current accounts or Cash ISAs, and it is necessary to review the rates as and when bonuses lapse or rates change.


How can The Money MOTco help YOU?


Retirement from mainstream finance thirteen years ago provided Andrew with the opportunity to review his personal finances and give them a thorough MOT. Since then, he has kept abreast of the latest offers on everything from bank accounts and energy tariffs to share dealing commission rates and buying bullion. Examples of market-leading deals which he has identified from reputable providers include:


  • a fixed rate deal for gas and electricity that extends to end-October 2018;


  • a £15.20 per month contract for unlimited talk-time, unlimited texts, and a 8GB data allowance on his mobile phone;


  • buildings and contents Insurance for £166.40 per annum, including accidental damage;


  • comprehensive car insurance for £213.25 per annum, including protected no claims;

  • car breakdown cover, mobile phone insurance and worldwide travel insurance for £81 per annum;

  • an Equity ISA without yearly administration fees;

  • an Advisory Fee of £495 in relation to the transfer of the proceeds from a Defined Benefit pension scheme to a SIPP with an annual fee of £100;

  • 4 brand new tyres, including fitting, for under £200.

The process of budgeting and putting your finances in order can be laborious, but with The Money MOTco’s help, it will normally be possible to put everything on an even keel in a relatively short space of time. Identifying suitable deals can also be time-consuming, but by filtering the information relevant to your personal situation, The Money MOTco will relieve you of much of the burden.

For some people the monetary benefits of undergoing a comprehensive financial MOT may be significant, while for others the idea of getting on top of all the tedious paperwork associated with maintaining a household budget and administering their personal finances may be equally appealing.


The fees charged by The Money MOTco pale into insignificance when set alongside those charged by other professionals; typically £500 for a broad-brush financial review alone or an average hourly rate of £150. Once the review is completed by The Money MOTco, you will not only feel much more in control of your finances, but will also be better off financially.


In respect of your household budget, The Money MOTco will collate details of your service providers and regular outgoings, suggesting how you can save, as well as make money, and help you to implement any ideas put forward. At the end of the process you will have a user-friendly spreadsheet, which will enable you to budget more effectively in future. Furthermore, the information that it contains may prove invaluable if, for example, you are moving house, making a mortgage application or getting divorced and having to complete a Form E.


Many clients may also benefit from having their pensions and stock market investments reviewed; often they are unaware of the value of their pension policies, including their potential State Pension entitlement, or the way in which they are being administered and how they have been performing. The same status quo may also apply to their share portfolios, including ISAs.


You have nothing to lose by getting in touch with The Money MOTco and potentially a lot to gain, so why not get on board and give this unique service a try?    


For further information or to arrange an appointment, please contact :                            


Andrew Brettell

Mobile: 07966 378926    Direct: 0208 673 8645


Twitter: @TheMoneyMOTco



“Make the MOsT of your money with The Money MOTco”

The Money MOTco
Money Organisation Time
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