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The Money MOTco helps you streamline your finances and household administration.


Andrew Brettell guarantees he can save you time and money and help you organise your personal finances more effectively.  Andrew will:


1) identify ways to reduce your regular outgoings and increase your disposable income;


2) help you implement his recommendations;


3) provide you with an easy-to-update spreadsheet which will enable you to keep better track of your income and expenditure and budget more efficiently in the future.


There is an initial flat fee of £1,000 for using the service, but only payable once you are satisfied that Andrew has saved you at least £1,000. This effectively means that the service is FREE.


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"Andrew has saved me hundreds of pounds on my heating and electricity bills, as well as my car insurance."


ALM - Fulham

PR Consultant



“Having a person of Andrew’s calibre review personal finances is an invaluable and worthwhile exercise and one which I would wholeheartedly recommend to even the most financially astute of individuals.”


JR - Surrey

Full-time Head of Finance Operations

Independence, transparency and confidentiality are guaranteed

The Money MOTco
Money Organisation Time
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